I’m still working on this site, so don’t expect too much content. For now, I focus on the game Elder Scrolls Online and maybe in the future some security, privacy, whatnotcy stuff. Keep in touch! 😀

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What my BFFs say!

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden


"Really nice dude! If his knowledge regarding privacy and security would have been on the internet in the past, I wouldn't need to sit in a Russian embacy nowadays."

Bill Gates

Bill Gates

Mag Pinguine sehr

"Oh boy, where should I start? He was the one who convinced me to use the best operating system in the world. And now I really ❤ Linux!"

Satoshi Nakamoto

Satoshi Nakamoto


"私はこの男を知らない。 彼のウェブサイトで私は何をしますか?"

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The few words I've written down for now

Stamblade PvP – The Rising Force

Your new favourite Summerset PvP Stamblade! Introduction What to expect from this build Core gameplay Skills (+discussion) Equipment (+discussion) Race Champion Points Buff food, Potions/Poisons and Mundus Last words Introduction Hey folks, first of all Read more…

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