Hey folks, first of all thanks for taking the time to read through my thoughts on how to maximize the potential of a Nightblade! I wasn’t very fond of seeing the same meta builds running around everywhere, which then also can be countered pretty easily, as you know what to expect. Also I love to try out new builds/gameplays, so I decided to do one myself again.

Talking about “meta”, you might see many similarities to other streamers’ builds. This is because our combination of our first set and our buff drink is arguably one of the best stamina sets/food right now – nice max stamina and nice stamina regen. I have a hard time not choosing this combination, because it just gives us so much of what we need.

But as we have the sustain with this set, we will make an awesomely flexible build – basically we can use any other set in combination with that and we will talk through many possibilities on how to build our Nightblade. So let’s dive right into how we build our own – a Nightblade on crack!

What you have to expect

You’ll feel a Rising Force!

Other than that, a shitton of sustain! Though we’re a pretty aggressive build, we will have plenty of stamina and considering gear options, we can also have very high health sustain.

As we build around Bone Pirate’s Tatters, so while also using Dubious Camoran Throne we get a big amount of max stamina and recovery. Also, the extra health adds nicely to it. This is the meta part of this build, but I can’t find reasons not to use it.

Basically, this gives us all the extra resources and regens we need, so our second set can be anything we want. This basic gear makes our build flexible.

This being said, we can build on this so that we have even more sustainability/surviveability or get an offensive build or anything between.

So what to expect? Everything. While we go with the superganky gameplay of Nightblades, we can alter it to our own gameplay. You’ll love it, believe me. More about this in the gear and skill discussions below.

Core gameplay

We have a few must-have abilities and our build will focus around them. So we can begin with talking about some basic tactics of our build.

Because of our big sustain, we will use running and dodge-rolling a lot in battlegrounds and PvP in general. We can even make this our core gameplay with sets, but let’s talk about combos first.

Your opener depends on how much space is between you and your enemy:

  • Far away: Be in stealth, do a Lethal Arrow, followed by a Bow light attack and Poison Injection. As the latter two are weaved into one animation, this is like only two attacks. Now switch bars, Ambush and either Surprise Attack or, if ready, Incapacitating Strike. If you don’t have Ambush, you can just run to your enemy, fear him and then do the rest..
  • Middle range: Similar, but only do a Bow light attack + Poison Injection (for Bow weapon damage enchant), switch bar and bring havoc!
  • Close range: You might quickly switch to Bow for again a light attack + Poison Injection, but don’t rely on it. Here it’s better to just switch to Bow to get invisible via Shadowy Disguise, switch back to 2H and give him a Surprise Attack.

On all three, keep in mind that we try to always be buffed with our other skills, like Rally or Shuffle. We try to keep those buffs active at all time, even if we don’t have enemies in near range – just to be always prepared. More on that at the skill discussion. 🙂

But you can see what it will be about: Stack some weapon damage and then go in with some sustaining support abilities and a shitton on damage upon your enemy.

Also, whenever we’re waiting or running around, we switch to our Bow bar.


“Damage + Sustain” is my basic skill setup for now. Keep in mind that we’re pretty flexible, despite some must-have abilities. We will discuss other options in a second. I also show you a “Full Metal Damage” loadout, which fits more to a convenient beginner’s setup. Mix around how you feel you want it, necessary skills are marked with an ❗exclamation mark in the discussion below. 🙂

Damage + Sustain (recommended)

Full Metal Damage

As you see, I’m running 2H/Bow, which has its reasons. Two-handed has a good sustain with Rally and is also able to press some high amount of damage. You might want to go dual-wield, but it’s hard to not have the burstheal with you.

TBH I use Bow for only one reason: If you dodge-roll, you get 30% increased running speed for 5 seconds, which comes in very useful. Need to catch up to an objective? Dodge-roll and run. Kite a 1v3? Same. If you’re running Coward’s Gear or Fiord’s Legacy as your second 5-set, you might consider switching to another backbar. Dual-wield, Restoration staff or whatever you want. But I’m going to stick with Bow for now. (But again you see the flexibility of this build.)

Two-Handed Bar

  • ❗Ultimate Incapacitating Strike: Hurts a lot, increases your damage against the target by 20% for 6 seconds, recharges fast (70 Ultimate points!), stuns for 4.5 seconds and cripples the enemy’s healing by 30%. Use it whenever it is up. If you run Blood Spawn and/or Asylum’s Greatsword, it is ready pretty much all the time.
  • Surprise Attack: This is your bread and butter, your damage spam. It does a good amount of damage for a spammer, also applies Major Fracture for 17 seconds, which increases your damage at your enemy even more. While you attack from stealth/invisibility, it also stuns and sets your enemy off-balance, so be sure to use this ability anytime you go invis for even more effect.
  • Mass Hysteria: This is offensive and defensive, I just love it. If you can’t open with a sneaky Surprise Attack (because e.g. YOU got attacked), you can fear the enemy, so that he’s unable to block and quickly strike him down with an Incapacitating Strike. Or fear, go invis, Surprise Attack! If you’re surrounded by many enemies and need to GTFO, fear them all and run away. Also, it applies Minor Maim, not too bad at all.
  • Ambush: The Nightblade gap-closer. Big pro for this one is, that you can also teleport to your enemy, even if he is at a higher cliff or beneath you. See a ranged one standing on a high rock? Ambush him and slice him to pieces. If you’ve got something to snare enemies though, you might replace this skill.
  • Executioner: DONK DONK DONK! The moment your enemy has 50% HP or less, spam this stuff on his head as often as possible (with animation cancelling), there is no way to cheat death. Combines well with the Major Fracture of Surprise Attack, this is game over for your opponent.
  • Relentless Focus: Increases damage by 8% and stamina regen by 10% – just for that it would be enough to keep. Also after five normal attacks, you can shoot it for 17-18000 Disease damage, if you even got only Rally buff up. You got other buffs active, too? Even more damage! You can switch it to your second bar if you want and don’t forget to light attack with your bow if you have it there. Also use something like this to let it remind you by sound on when to crush your enemy.
  • Rally: It gives us Major Brutality (20% increased weapon damage) for a long time, that alone is insane. Also a nice little heal over time, but TBH that’s not the key. When this buff expires (or is refreshed), it heals a big load of health and this is what we need: You ever feel like the next enemy’s attack will decapitate you? Rebuff Rally to be often even be fully healed! That’s why you should always buff this before a fight, because the heal is stronger the longer it was active. Also if you need even more burst heal, don’t forget to use a Potion!

Bow Bar

  • Ultimate Temporal Guard: It sounds so good, but normally we won’t use it. I have it slotted for the passive Minor Protection, which decreases your damage taken by 8%. As we switch to our Bow bar when running around or away, this is a nice addition. I doesn’t have big costs though, so maybe using it once in a while might get some funny results.
  • Poison Injection: It’s a DoT that also acts as a finisher and complements Executioner very well. If you switch back to your bar to rebuff yourself with the Bow weapon enchant, don’t forget to weave it with this to add some pressure. Really necessary, if you go with a Master’s Bow, because of reasons.
  • Shadowy Disguise: A very versatile-to-use ability! Most likely it’s there so that you switch to your bow already in-fight, rebuff the weapon damage bonus via light attack (and apply a Poison Injection), then you use Shadowy Disguise, switch back to your 2H and slash the enemy with a Surprise Attack. Ouch! Also use it to seak cover if needed – Invis, running, invis, running, get around the corner and refresh your buffs.
  • Leeching Strikes: Pretty self-explaining ability, it just adds stamina sustain. If you’re a Bosmer (Woodelf), you might drop this, but otherwise it’s just too nice. Your attacks restore stamina (which you’ll need plenty of) and also when expiring/rebuffing. Lethal Arrow looks very tempting, but we aim to get into melee with our enemies, not ranged.
  • Lethal Arrow: TBH it’s a replaceable ability, maybe more useful in Cyrodiil than in BGs. It has a casting time, so don’t get interrupted, other than that you can use it to create some pressure on ranged targets if you’re capturing an objective. Sometimes, when in sneak, you can snipe a glasscanon with it, as sneak also applies a little stun. So you might do a Snipe, Snipe, Poison Injection and it could be enough. You might consider other abilities for this, though.
  • Shuffle: This adds much surviveability against other melees. It may be pretty costly, but the added evasion is very neat. Don’t forget to buff this before you get into a fight. If you’re not running Bow, you might want to consider going Double Take (which also doesn’t touch your stamina then). I often substitute this with Efficient Purge, as recommended below (Other spells to consider).
  • Resolving Vigor: This is a nice HoT over 5 seconds. If you feel overwhelmed, you will switch to your Bow bar and try to run around the next corner – use Vigor in it, it heals a good amount (also to your allies). You can also buff it directly before a fight to “mitigate” the first seconds of damage, but we have better openers. If you run Troll King’s, this will add a big chunk of HP for you and your allies.

Other Spells To Consider

While this basic setup is nice in itself, there are many abilities we could use for substitution. Remember that just because I don’t talk about an ability it doesn’t mean its bad. Let’s get our hand on some of them. Click to open more:

  • Ultimate Soul Siphon: If you keep getting into 1vX and don’t do well, this is your go-to for it. Damage and stun enemies and profit from a HoT if they stay at your side.
  • Ultimate Ballista: This is basically an instant kill for one enemy. You should take this with you, if you also use Mass Hysteria. Use Ballista, fear the enemy and watch his health getting devastated.
  • Ultimate Werewolf (any morph): Used solely as a passive buff, 15% stamina reg is cool.
  • Ultimate Devouring Swarm: It’s basically the same as Soul Siphon, but not as safe. It looks cooler, but you have to go Vampire for it, which I don’t recommend for this build.
  • Ultimate Dawnbreaker of Smiting: Pretty cool ultimate if you have some enemies clenched together, throw this in and get a big damage pressure and stun on them with maybe some deaths. Wouldn’t go with the other morph (+weapon damage), as Bow bar isn’t our main damaging bar.
  • Efficient Purge: Yes, I love this skill as well and totally recommend it! It removes 2 debuffs from you – also counting in DoTs like Sloads. You also don’t need to spam it, as even if your DoTs haven’t been removed, they will do only 50% damage, so you mitigate much damage with this spell. If you struggle and die against heavy DoT players, throw this in and be happy again. 🙂
  • Killer’s Blade: While this sounds too good to be true, we get all what is has either better or from other sorces. Executioner begins to scale at 50% HP, Disease damage (and a guaranteed Defile) is on our ultimate and we get our heals from other sources. You might want to use it, nothing bad with that, but I would stick to Executioner.
  • Double Take: This would substitute Shuffle and depends on your useage. Both gives us the evasion, but Double Take uses magicka instead. If you really struggle with your stamina resource, you might want to use this instead.
  • Piercing Mark: This sounds so good, but TBH I don’t find too much useability for use in that. You might bring down tanks with it more easily and also you break other Nightblades’ ability to be invisible. But other than that, I guess we can have better stuff slotted.
  • Mass Hysteria: I do love this spell so much! You might consider dropping Ambush for it or Lethal Arrow (and move Relentless Focus to your bow bar). If someone is trying to block away all your damage, you could fear him with this, get your ultimate on him and then mow him down completely. Also handy when many players are on one spot, fear and maim them.
  • Shadow Image: One of Nightblade’s coolest trolling ability and awesome to kite with it. If you’re good with it, there is no excuse why you shouldn’t have it slotted. Don’t forget to set up a Shadow before you go infight and you’re good to go. I’m to stupid to utilize it, so I left it out.
  • Critical Rush: Obvious substitude for Ambush, but I don’t like it. Enemies can see and dogde/block it, you can get CC’d before landing your strike and you can’t teleport up walls. Ambush prevails.
  • Dizzying Swing: Nope, Executioner.
  • Meditate (any morph): Sounds cool, but I don’t think we can utilize it that well. Maybe if you had a small fight like 1v2 on an objective and while capturing you can meditate. But TBH your resources will be filled up in that time anyway. We have better abilities to consider.
  • Razor Caltrops: Well, why not. Handy if defending/taking an objective, also some crowd control.

Equipment / Gear

Ah, this is the section where every guide gives you a table on what to take and people just copy that over to their character one-by-one. Let me tell you one thing first: We’re using two 5-sets and it doesn’t fucking matter on which slot you have them; slot ’em as you have ’em. Just be sure to have Bone Pirate’s Tatters up on both bars, so e.g. I have it’s jewelry (1 amulett, 2 rings) and two armor pieces of it. You can also run five armor pieces of it, because they’re easy to acquire.

For armor enchants you have three options:

  • Recommended one: Prismatic enchants on the big stuff (head, chest and legs), max stamina on the rest.
  • Expensive one: Get prismatic enchants on all your armor pieces (they give max stamina, magicke and health).
  • Cheap one: 2x max health, 5x max stamina (you can split these up how you want)

Jewelry enchantments are even easier: Get weapon damage on all three. If you really want to do Vampire, get one fat Fire Resistance glyph on one to counter your increased fire damage.

Jewelry traits are also quite flexible, depending on how the rest of your build looks like. You can go 3x Robust (max stamina) to increase your pool, which is supereasy to get. I’d also like to take at least 1x Swift (+movement speed), as we go/run around a lot – that might not be necessary if our second 5-set already gives us running speed. But IMHO movement speed will become a even more important stat in the next time. Infused (to increase the weapon dmg enchant) may be our BiS (best in slot) damage for now. I’m running 2x Infused and 1x Swift for now, but I’m also experimenting a lot with it (I’m an Orc that gets sprint speed anyway, so you might be better with 1x Infused + 2x Swift). Bloodthirsty (increased damage on low-health enemies) sounds pretty nice, but we already have a very potent execute, so I guess we don’t need that here. But to sum it up: Mix around Robust, Infused and Swift and you can’t be wrong with it.

Ok, let’s go to it, our sets will be either…

  • 5/5/2: Two 5-sets, one monster set. A no-brainer because you can use whichever slot you have your set items for.
  • 5/5/2 with Asylum’s Greatsword: With this we have the second 5-set only while our Bow bar is active, so we should use one that complements this. Also one monster set.
  • 5/3/2 with Asylum’s Greatsword and Master’s Bow: This takes away much of our flexibility, as our 3-set will be Agility jewelry. I don’t like this approach, as there are cool second 5-set bonuses; if you have both mentioned weapons, it’s up to you. Also one monster set.

As long as you have 5 medium pieces, you can do whatever with the rest: Light, heavy or full medium. For now I do 5x medium, 1x heavy, 1x medium, just to get bonus via the Undaunted passive.

Your armor traits should be 3x Well-Fitted and 4x Impenetrable, but you can mix around like you feel to.

Ok, so our first set is safe: Bone Pirate’s Tatters. For the second one, we’re quite flexibel on what to use. Or better said: The set we’re using will define our gameplay. Or well, our gameplay defines what we will use as our second set. 😀

As we might wear the Asylum’s Greatsword, we only have the second 5-set on our back bar, so I will mark sets that are good to go with this weapon with a ⚔ sword in front of them. If you want to go with the second 5-set bonus on both bars, you’re totally free on which set it will be.

Oh boy, so many sets to consider… as this list gets rather long, I hint you that in the bottom-right corner there is an arrow you can press to get to the top of the page. In the beginning of this article there is a table of contents which will bring you to any desired paragraph.

Let’s begin!

The Bow is safe, so no need to discuss. We have an Infused trait on it with a Power enchant, which means we get 452 weapon/spell damage for 5 seconds if we attack an enemy.

On our main hand we have free choice of which type of weapon we use:

  • Greatsword for increased damage (recommended)
  • Battleaxe for applying a bleeding DoT on the enemy
  • Mace to decimate the enemy’s resitance

I would recommend the sword and not use a mace, but do as you like it. Remember you can use anything of it and just change the looks on an Outfit station. 🙂

Your main bar weapon trait obivously should be Nirnhorned. If you haven’t researched this yet, you might go Sharpened.

First said, it doesn’t really matter which set we use: Any should be fine, as long as it has anything to do with our build. But let me introduce my two favourites for it:

  • 1x Lord Warden + 1x Domihaus: That’s what I run for now. Yes, no damage set bonus, but a lot of resistances and max resources. I just like to have more sustain, we have enough damage. Also Lord Warden looks fucking nice. 🐲 You might add any monster set you like to mix around, like 1x Kra’gh or 1x Molag Kena.
  • The Troll King: Read it and it sounds so shitty. Read it again, think about it and let your mind get blown. This is triggered by any heal! So as we have Rally active anyway, this is going to be triggered. So if you fall below 50% for a short amount of time, you get an additional 1500 Health per three seconds. This is like our third big HoT. Also affects team mates via your Vigor. It is also a hard counter for Sload’s #sloadshate. Oh and one of the simplest monster sets to get. 🙂
  • Blood Spawn: You get a big amount of resistances, so much damage mitigation. On top of that you get a chunk of ultimate points, so your main bar ult refreshes so often, you might think it’s your new spamming ability. If you don’t have Asylum’s Greatsword, you should go with it, otherwise I prefer Troll.

I might add some other sets and talk about why they’re good or not, but for now this guide is taking so much time…

Selene’s, Velidreth, whatever fits to your needs.

Hint: Basically any set. We’re flexible af! Feel free to ask about a specific set and I might add it here with my thoughts on it.

I thought a lot about adding a rating, because some sets are totally situational. If your playstyle fits to a “bad” set, it’s totally viable and you should use it then. Also read my thoughts on them. So don’t take the ratings too literal. I recommended you two sustainy sets and two extra damage, so these might be the ones you’re after:

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⚔ Prisoner’s Rags (recommended): Oh my god do I love this and I run this for now. We will always get the max stamina and recovery out of it, which is cool. But when switching on our bow bar, we also have this neat 5-set bonus. We can literally sprint forever and also recover a big chunk of magicka with it! This sounds lame, but go with me: Reduces sprint cost is always awesome, no need to explain. The magicka regen is supernice, because this makes us utilize our Shadowy Disguise / Efficient Purge / Mass Hysteria even more often. Got out of a fight? Just run for 2 seconds and you’re good to dive into the next one. Really try it out, we won’t ever run out of resources again. 😀
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⚔ Darkstride (recommended): Pretty easy to explain, as it is similar to Prisoner’s Rags. If you don’t have or rely on many magicka spells, then Darkstride is the better choice. If you use magicka spells often, run Prisoner’s Rags instead. Pretty solid choice for a second 5-set in both cases though.
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⚔ Sheer Venom (recommended): Solid choice! Got that for a long time, too. 3-pieces Bonus is fine and that 5-pieces is the key. It adds a decent DoT on top of an execute ability – and our Poison Injection is one, even if the enemy is at full health. So you apply this DoT at the beginning of a fight, also when you rebuff your stuff mid-fight. Nice added damage, would totally recommend it, if you want to have more damage and pressure on your build. If you run it only on your bow bar, don’t forget to occasionally switch back to it to apply another Poison Injection (and do a bow light attack, too, to add weapon damage).
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Eternal Hunt (recommended): Pretty solid set, but we need it on both bars to utilize it fully. If we got that, it’s a pretty cool set. We will dodge-roll a lot anyway and if you get the twist on how to lure the enemy into your traps, this adds a nice damage and snares the opponent to one place (easy Shadowy Disguise + Surprise Attack!). Troll ’em hard! If you can’t do this, forget this set. 😀
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⚔ Coward’s Gear: If you’re in battlegrounds the whole day, this is your ultimate set. Noone can kill you now when you run away, you run fast the whole time, Speedy Gonzales! Coward’s gear in zwerg mode, Winner’s gear in battlegrounds. Don’t forget to also sometimes sprint in melee, just to mitigate a lot of damage (but keep in mind that while sprinting your normal stamina regen pauses).
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⚔ Fiord’s Legacy: I played a lot with this, too. The increased sprint speed is totally awesome, especially when playing in battlegrounds – they won’t catch up with you in Capture The Relic! But TBH (and as I am Orc), Prisoner’s Rags ultimately are pretty much better in every aspect. I have this set on for solo PvE stuff tho to run around faster. You won’t need Swift traits on your jewelry here, so you might go with 3x Infused for a big damage boost.
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Spriggan’s Thorns: Typical choice to get much damage out of your build. If you run your second set on both bars, I highly recommend this choice to have a big burst bonus. I wouldn’t run it though, if your second set only is active on your back bar – we don’t use our Bow for our main damage source.
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⚔ Draugr Hulk: Haven’t tested this yet, but as boring as the bonuses look, by numbers this should be pretty cool. Just a big plus to your mac stamina, therefore sustain and damage. Why not! If you dodge-roll, break CC and generally perform bad with your stamina, try that one.
  • ⭐⭐⭐ Crusader: This is similar to Eternal Hunt, so if you dodge-roll a lot, you might consider it. It’s just that we need it on both bars to utilize well, so that’s a bummer for me. If you can have it on both bars, you can mitigate a lot of damage Dark Souls style.
  • ⭐⭐⭐⚔ Shield Breaker: This is a *very* situational set. Don’t run it all the time, won’t help much. You might wanna have this in your inventory though, so when you see that e.g. you play against a shielding team, get it on and burst down enemies with just light attacks. 😀 So this set has the high rating specifically for this one purpose, otherwise it would just be a one-star.
  • ⭐⭐ Night Mother’s Embrace: Another sneak set. It got everything we would need, but there are just better sets with better 5-piece bonuses for us. It’s not bad, you might try it, would recommend other sets though.
  • ⭐ Night’s Silence: If you really love the rogueish gank style and really don’t want to go Vampire, maybe you could try this. If you really need sneak speed, IMHO better go Vampire, throw in a Fire Resist glyph and that’s it. Wouldn’t recommend that set.
  • ⭐⚔ Hawk’s Eye: Nope. It would mean we emphasize on bow damage, which would be totally different loadout. If you really want to be an archer, try out Alcast’s build on it!
  • ⭐ Impregnable Armor: While I like this on other builds, I’m convinced this won’t work for us. So nope.
  • ⭐⚔ Kyne’s Kiss: Seems like a nice set for only-bow-bar. But we got better choice. You can try it, if you have it lying around, but I don’t think this works out too well. We got much better utilities to regain our stats.
  • ⭐ Ravager: While this looks nice for a front bar set, it’s just nothing for us. You have to watch out if the Ravager buff is active to push out all your damage, otherwise you have to remain calm. We have more reliable choices than this, also useless for bow bar. If you decide to go 2H/DW, totally go for it though.
  • ⚔ Sload’s Semblance: “When using Sloads, thou shalt not receive honor and thy spirit won’t ascend to Valhalla.” – Someone who thinks that damage should be made with a gamer’s skill and not let items do the job.


Literally any stamina race, we’re really that flexible. So there again is no must-have race, but let’s talk about some of my favourites for the Rising Force build. Bestest is more on top:

  • Orc: Ugly, brute and increased running speed – what else do you want? No really, this is my total favourite. You get max health, max stamina, sprint cost reduction, but sprint speed increase. Also more damage with melee attacks. You will run around a lot, also increased pools are always nice to have.
  • Bosmer (Woodelf): These little shits have some nasty stamina regen increase, 21% in number! With this your second 5-set can be a fully damage-based one, as we will have plenty of stamina regen. Increased stamina pool is never wrong. Decreased sneak detection might come in handy, too.
  • Redguard: Increased stamina pool, little increased stamina regen and a little stamina back on attacks. Very cool sustain race! Would rate it on the same level as a Bosmer.
  • Nord: Increased health and stamina, little stamina regen and 6% damage mitigation lets us even stay alive longer than our build has to offer. Why not!
  • Argonian: Oof, tough choice. If you use pots often, this is your go-to. The increased healing gained comes in handy with our heavy sustain. Other than that, other races might be better. Lizards look awesome, though. Not sure where to rate it, though. Might be very cool, but I can’t test it enough.
  • Imperial: Increased stamina pool is nice, the very small healing would trigger Troll King, but other than that… not my thing.
  • Khajit: All the single furries, all the sing– ok, sorry. Reads nice, but in the end it’s like a Bosmer but worse. Mh.

Other races don’t compliment stamina builds. That doesn’t mean they’re totally shit. You should just focus on a high stamina sustain then.

TL;DR go Orc.

Champion Points

I shamelessly ripped this part out of Alcast’s build. Why? Because it’s a standard stamina damage CP distribution and Alcast is an absolute unit when it comes to fiddle around with CP.

Also, he has a very interesting guide about “Jumping Points” in CP. Short explanation: The more you put into a star thing, the less benefit you get out of it. There are specific values where these benefits drop to pretty much 0. In these examples, they have been reached and all is set to maximum benefit. If you want to adjust CP for yourself, totally read this jumping points thing.

Depending on if you have about 300 CP (or less) or so many that you can’t count them anymore, have your share:

The Ritual
43 Mighty, 57 Piercing
The Attronarch
The Apprentice
The Shadow
The Lover
49 Mooncalf
The Tower
51 Warlord
The Lord
The Lady
23 Hardy, 23 Elemental Defender, 23 Resistant
The Steed
31 Ironclad

The Ritual
43 Mighty, 40 Precise Strikes, 47 Piercing
The Attronarch
28 Shattering Blows, 61 Master-at-Arms, 31 Physical Weapon Expert
The Apprentice
The Shadow
27 Befoul, 60 Tumbling
The Lover
64 Mooncalf, 37 Arcanist
The Tower
61 Warlord, 1 Siphoner
The Lord
23 Quick Recovery
The Lady
43 Hardy, 43 Elemental Defender, 37 Thick Skinned
The Steed
56 Ironclad, 48 Resistant

Buff food, Potions/Poisons and Mundus

Now here’s a part that’s again almost everything up to you. With our skills and equipment we already have our build. Buff food (or drinks), potions, poisons and the Mundus stone should just iron out what we lack – and if we don’t lack stuff, we empower stuff we have even more.

The buff food already is reserved and there is no better option than taking Dubious Camoran Throne. You can buy the recipe and the finished drink at guild traders, just look around for it, it should be everywhere.

With Potions you can be flexible again. You should have at least health and stamina combined. The third effect can be whatever you want. For now I’m taking extra crit chance, but you can experiment with pots. My one now uses Mountain Flower, Water Hyacinth and Dragonthorn, resulting in this neat potion. You can go for tripots or other effects – do what you want!

Poisons are the same, just take what you think you will need! You can go for double-damage-DoT poisons, maiming the enemy (reducing his damage, boosting yours) or whatever. For now I’m mixing Namira’s Rot, Columbine and Blessed Thistle and in return I get an Escapist’s Poison. You could also just go with your weapon enchants, but I think you really should try poisons – they can be pretty damn nasty.

For both pots and poisons I recommend you to use Potion Maker, where you can just click what stuff your potions/poisons should do and it automatically shows you how to brew it, convenient.

The Mundus again is up to you, but I roll with The Warrior, which gives me more weapon damage. You can try others too, like more stamina regen or whatnot.

Last words

Now I hope I could give you insights to the Nightblade, also how to get flexibility out of this big potential of a class. Most likely you will want to experiment with a lot of second 5-sets and a few abilities on this setup, because I do the same.

But I can say that playing Nightblade never has been so much fun for me. We can get so quickly to our destination, not paying much stamina for sprinting, sustain a good amount of damage, bursting out even more damage and stealthy AND just-go-in playstyle is totally doable with it.

If you’ve got any additions, please don’t hesitate to tell me!

Also if this helps you in any way, I would much appreciate to get some golds if you play on PC-EU servers. @Trollwut is my handle, just send me a mail – doesn’t matter if text or gold. Experimenting around costs a fortune…

So have fun with it, and hopefully we’ll meet on the battlefield!